Harvesting eggs, where the fish channel is specially monitored for fish spawning is affected

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2016-04-11 00:00

Where is the good year eggs? The fish channel is specially monitored for fish spawning: After the comprehensive storage of the Xiangjiang Changsha Integrated Hub Project, a Pinghu District will be formed in the upper reaches. Relevant experts said that the water ecological environment of the upstream and downstream of the hub project will change, which will affect the survival and reproduction of the rare fish and the "four major fish" here. The destruction of the fish spawning grounds of the four major fishes in Xiangjiang River and the obstruction of fish migration routes are likely to be further attenuated by the typical semi-snorkeling fish resources such as green grass, grass, alfalfa and alfalfa.
According to the person in charge of relevant departments, Hunan animal husbandry and fishery industry will strengthen the monitoring of fish species in the Xiangjiang River Basin, provide some protection measures, and monitor the special channels of fish migration to ensure that fish can lay eggs upstream during spawning. Fish eggs can multiply normally. Where is the good year eggs? Binzhou Ruitai Aquatic Products is the most preferred.

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