YOUFA relies on the coastal advantages, products are exported to overseas, Youfa people innovate......

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Shandong Youfa group predecessor Shandong Youfa aquaculture company, founded in 1982.....

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The sea cucumber, instant sea cucumber, Artemia, Artemia powder capsule and Artemia unsaturated fatty acids.....

Shandong Youfa Aquatic Products Co., LTD is the predecessor of Shandong Youfa Technology Group, built in 1987, located in core area of efficient ecological economic zone in Yellow River Delta, Wudi county in Shandong blue economic zone and ringing Bohai economic circle hinterland. Based on natural endowment of Bohai sea beach, and advantage of age platform......

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Apply for provincial-level thorns seed farm
Apply for provincial-level thorns seed farm
Shandong Peninsula Blue Economic Zone Marine Industry New and Old Kinetic Energy Conversion Training Course
In  response  to  the notice of  the  Shandong Regional  Development Strategy  Promotion  Office,  with  the  agreement  of  the  higher-level development  and  reform  commission
Approved opinions on the reconstruction project of the sightseeing area of Yuguang Complementary Area of Shandong Wuyi Fengyuan
Approved  opinions  on  the  reconstruction  project  of  the  sightseeing area  of  Yuguang  Complementary  Area  of  Shandong  Wuyi  Fengyuan