A major breakthrough in Wudi County! Warm Shed Shrimp Ginseng Rotational Culture Trial Successful!

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2022-06-30 15:08

Recently, the expert group conducted on-site acceptance of the "Research on Rotational Culture Technology Innovation of Warm Shed Shrimp Ginseng in Northern Region" in Wudi County.


A major breakthrough         


It is understood that the "Technical Innovation Research on Rotational Culture of Shrimp Ginseng in Warm Sheds in the Northern Region" is jointly implemented by Binzhou Ocean Development Research Institute, Wudi County Ocean Fishery Development Research Center and Shandong Youfa Aquatic Products Co., Ltd. The pilot project started in late October last year and ended in mid-April this year. It just took advantage of the idle time of shrimp farming in greenhouses and realized the rotation of shrimps in greenhouses throughout the year. As far as a single shed is concerned, a total of 3,000 kilograms of shrimp were produced in the two batches of shrimp farming. Due to the good timing of shrimp production, in summer it happened that the factory shrimp farming had stopped production. It is over, there is no shrimp to sell in the market, the time difference between "morning and night", the price is high, and the output value reaches 90,000 yuan. At the same time, sea cucumber farming has also doubled, with 202 catties of seedlings, 427 catties of ginseng, and an output value of 32,025 yuan. The benefits are very considerable. In the next step, Shandong Youfa Aquatic Products Co., Ltd. will further increase the breeding density in accordance with experts' suggestions, and strive to quadruple the production of sea cucumber breeding on the basis of strengthening technical management.

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