【Binzhou TV News】Wudi: Strengthening the characteristic fishery economy of "shrimp, shellfish and algae"

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2022-06-30 15:09

Wudi County, in accordance with the overall requirements and arrangements of the "Shandong Province's Action Plan for the Construction of a Strong Maritime Province", has thoroughly implemented the "Ten Actions" for the construction of a strong maritime province, closely following the city's" During the "13th Five-Year" period, the fishery development "1234" will increase the thinking, increase investment, make every effort to speed up the development of the marine and fishery industry, and strengthen the characteristic fishery economy of "shrimp, shellfish and algae".

Recently, Shandong Youfa Group's Penaeus vannamei has reached the season of shrimp production. Due to the addition of 10,000 square meters of fishing and light integration and tourism industrial parks this year, the company's benefits have increased compared to the same period last year. markedly increased.

Fu Huatao, Deputy General Manager of Shandong Youfa Breeding Base

Now is the harvest season of Penaeus vannamei. The daily output of my more than 8,000 mu of land is 3,000 to 4,000 catties. The total output this year is expected to be about 1.2 million catties. 15% increase over last year

The substantial improvement of benefits is inseparable from the support of technology. Shandong Youfa Company relies on the new ecological breeding model of "shrimp, shellfish and algae", strengthens industrial technological innovation, and establishes the city's first It has established an academician workstation, and built the North China Seawater Seed Breeding Center and a 30,000-mu demonstration base for healthy and efficient breeding of Penaeus vannamei.

Fu Ranghui, General Manager of Shandong Youfa Group

In the past few years, it has actively responded to the economic development of the fishery industry in Wudi County. The pond shrimp, a new model of efficient farming, has greatly improved the output and quality of shrimp. The company has also built an 85MW fishing and light integrated sightseeing and tourism industrial park, which has achieved both upper and lower income and greatly improved social benefits. Next, the company will further focus on the “ Shrimp and shellfish algae ” Do a good job in the article, and make contributions to building the Binzhou shrimp brand and improving the artemia breeding model

Wudi County actively implements the province's opinions on supporting the transformation of new and old kinetic energy, establishes and improves a more open and flexible talent training, introduction and use mechanism, and builds a highland for marine talents. Strengthen cooperation and exchanges with universities and research institutes, give play to the role of backbone enterprises as an industrial technology innovation platform, and promote the deep integration of industrial chains and innovation chains. Wudi Zhenghai Shell Didao Tourism Co., Ltd. and Fujian Zhonghaiyuan Group Co., Ltd. have reached an agreement of cooperation intention. They plan to invest 1.5 billion yuan to build 150,000 mu of clam-bottomed marine pastures in the offshore waters with a depth of about 10 meters, with an annual output of 300,000 tons of clams and clams deep-processing products production lines, special docks and other production and trade facilities; in cooperation with the Third Research Institute of the State Oceanic Administration, focusing on the development of shellfish fry breeding 15,000 square meters, the annual cultivation of shellfish 3 billion units, Direct sales can achieve an output value of 3.6 million yuan and a profit of 2 million yuan, which can be used for intermediate cultivation or marine pasture proliferation, and the profit can reach 10 times.

Shao Hongwu, Deputy Director of Wudi County Marine Development and Fishery Service Center

       The county party committee and county government deeply implement the construction of a strong marine province, focusing on answering six questions and implementing eight strategies to benchmark the first-class ratio as a competition for advanced positions, seize opportunities to highlight regional characteristics, Strengthen the main role of enterprises in innovation, unblock the channels for the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, accelerate the promotion of scientific and technological innovation and industrial development of shrimp and algae, and strengthen cooperation in the industry of shrimp and algae

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