Misunderstandings of Disease Control in the Process of Artemia Egg Breeding

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2016-04-11 00:00

Misunderstandings of disease control in the process of Artemia egg breeding:
With the gradual increase in the degree of intensification of aquaculture, diseases often occur in aquaculture of Artemia eggs. It not only affects the quality of aquaculture species, but also restricts the output and benefits of aquaculture. The author made a serious summary based on the misunderstandings in the prevention and control of fish diseases in recent years, hoping to help the majority of farmers to take preventive measures to reduce economic losses.
Poor awareness of Artemia egg disease prevention
In practice, many farmers do not have the awareness of preventing fish diseases, and take light prevention and heavy treatment. Farmers often think that fish do not get sick in the water, and there is no need to prevent them. Instead, when the fish disease occurs and then use medicine, the disease is already terminally ill. Aquatic animals are not as easy to administer as terrestrial organisms, and the measurement is difficult to grasp. The medication can only restore a small number of sick fish, but it still does not work for most of the sick fish. The result is often economic losses to aquaculture production.
Mistakes in the method of administration
Medication without looking at symptoms: blindly taking medication without diagnosing the disease clearly, the result may also lead to the occurrence of other diseases. Not only did not achieve the purpose of disease prevention and control, but also caused economic waste.
Seeking medical attention in a state of emergency: When problems arise, they do not follow objective laws, and seek medical treatment indiscriminately, causing drug damage, which not only fails to solve the problem, but also increases the severity of death.
Blind dispensing of medicines: Some farmers mix medicines at will without paying attention to the contraindications of medicines. As a result, the efficacy of medicines is weakened or enhanced, and side effects may also occur.
Uneven spraying of drugs: Some farmers randomly splashed drugs on the edge of the pond, resulting in uneven drugs in the entire water body, resulting in poisoning in some water bodies beyond the tolerance of fish, while some fish could not get timely treatment with drugs, delaying the timing of treatment.
Use of expired drugs: Some Artemia egg farmers take out expired or expired drugs without looking at the shelf life, which cannot prevent fish diseases and cause some toxic side effects.
Regardless of drug resistance: the long-term use of the same drug in the treatment of fish diseases in aquaculture causes the fish to develop resistance to the drug, and the repeated use of the drug will reduce the efficacy or ineffectiveness of the drug.
Fear mentality: Excessive disinfection, insecticide, and random increase in the dosage of drugs will adversely affect future healthy growth.
Blindly reducing costs: In order to save costs, the growth rate of farmed animals is slowed down. Not only did it not reduce costs, but it increased costs and reduced economic benefits.
Conditioning the water quality with a fixed mode: the whole aquaculture process uses a single scheme to condition the water quality. Ruitai Fengnian eggs not only failed to adjust the water quality, but also increased the cost of breeding.
Pursuit of single indicators: a superficial understanding of physical and chemical indicators, ignoring the importance of water balance.
Ignoring water quality analysis: some Artemia egg farmers do not consider the impact of the deterioration of the water environment on the fish, and blindly use fishery drugs whenever there are diseases, often ignoring the link of water quality conditioning. effect, but rather harmful.

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