Thousands of sails compete in the coastal tide, bravely stand on the tide and ride the waves

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2019-05-06 00:00

——Shandong Youfa Aquatic Group's Industry-University-Research Technology Exchange Documentary

In recent years, the group has always adhered to the corporate philosophy of "Science and Technology, Innovation and Development". A number of scientific research institutes have reached cooperation agreements and established a number of industry-university-research cooperation bases.
In 2011, approved by five departments including the Organization Department of the Provincial Party Committee and the Provincial Department of Science and Technology, the first aquatic product academician workstation in Binzhou was established here;
In 2014, we introduced the innovation team of sea cucumber genetics, breeding and healthy aquaculture from Dean Chang Yaqing of the Graduate School of Dalian Ocean University, established the pilot base of the Ministry of Agriculture's North Key Laboratory of Healthy Aquaculture, and carried out the creation of new germplasm of sea cucumber in the Yellow River Delta. And the demonstration project for the industrialization of fine seeds, it was included in the Shandong Taishan Scholars Blue Industry Leading Talent Team Support Program. The project cultivated high temperature-resistant, low-salt-resistant, spiny sea cucumber varieties suitable for breeding along the coast of the Yellow River Delta. In 2018 At the end of the year, it passed the provincial acceptance and made a demonstration model for the construction of offshore granary in Shandong Province;
Since 2015, the Group has jointly tackled key problems with the Provincial Institute of Marine Biology, the School of Marine Science and Engineering of Qingdao Agricultural University, the local municipal and county marine and fishery bureaus, and the Municipal Marine and Fishery Research Institute, and introduced South African Penaeus monodon, Israel's all-female Marsh rosenbergii. Shrimp and other new species, three experimental areas for improved shrimp breeding have been established, namely “intensive culture in high-level ponds”, “semi-intensive culture in high-level ponds” and “semi-intensive culture in land-based soil ponds”. The high-efficiency breeding experiment in ponds and the new shrimp breeding experiment in high-level ponds in seawater have innovatively established an intensive culture mode of high-level ponds for Penaeus vannamei in the Yellow River Delta, which has improved the output and quality of shrimp, and increased the output of shrimp from the current yield of several tens of kilograms per mu. The yield per mu has reached more than 3,000 catties, which has greatly improved the social and economic benefits, and has created a new path for the coastal shrimp aquaculture industry in the Yellow River Delta.
In 2018, under the efforts and recommendation of Zou Ning, the deputy county magistrate of science and technology, we cooperated with Professor Audi Haim Mora from the Baltimore Institute of Marine Environment and Technology, University of Maryland, USA, to carry out the unique industrial advantages in our county. The experimental research on insect breeding was included in the Shandong Provincial Double Hundred Program of Foreign Specialists by the provincial government.
Thousands of sails compete with the tide along the coast, bravely stand on the tide and ride the waves. Since the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, China has entered a new era, and marine power and rural revitalization have become national strategies. In the face of new development opportunities and challenges, the Group will not forget its original intention and keep its mission in mind, and will continue to play its role as a leading enterprise in the aquatic industry. Industry serves the country and becomes rich. It will focus on the cultivation of seawater seedlings and healthy aquaculture, artemia breeding and intensive processing of Artemia eggs, and based on the local seawater seedlings and breeding bases, to build the northern seawater aquaculture seedling cultivation center, seawater healthy aquaculture demonstration base and The Artemia egg industry base with local characteristics will make new contributions to the construction of a strong marine province.

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