Measures for the industrialization process of domestic Artemia eggs

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2022-06-30 15:12

In order to rationally develop and utilize the resources of Artemia eggs in China and ensure the development of fisheries in China, Binzhou Ruitai Aquaculture Co., Ltd. focuses on the following aspects in the current situation:
(1) According to relevant information, by the year 2000, China needs 2000t (raw) of Artemia eggs. According to the current situation of the production of Artemia in China, it is still far from meeting this requirement. In addition to the potential to increase the output of some old production areas, it is necessary to develop new areas, such as the Tibet Autonomous Region, the salt lake in the area. More than 300 places, more than 3,000 km2 of water can be produced for Artemia, but only a few salt lakes have been developed and the yield is low.
(2) Strengthen the management of Artemia production. For the coastal salt field industry due to the requirements of the salt production process and the industry limits, the management of Artemia eggs is difficult. However, it is relatively easy to manage the production of Artemia eggs in inland salt lakes. However, some local governments in inland provinces and districts do not pay attention to the salt lake brine insect resources, resulting in disorderly mining and cold hunting. On the other hand, some managers do not understand or benefit the knowledge of the hayworm habits, and lack management. Some salt lakes have been harvested throughout the year, which has seriously affected the quality of Artemia eggs. At the same time, some of the Artemia eggs are of poor quality. The salt lakes that are not easy to produce are also produced by Artemia eggs. Finally, these Artemia eggs are infused into the market. In this regard, it is necessary to strengthen the production management of Artemia eggs, to prevent secondary eggs from entering the market, and to formulate fishing time and areas for some salt lakes. For some salt lakes that are not suitable for production, harvesting should be prohibited.
(3) Introduce equipment and technology to accelerate the industrialization of Artemia in China. Judging from the current production and processing of artemia eggs in China, there is no one with a complete set of Artemia eggs with a production capacity of 100 tons. Due to the disconnection in the collection, storage, transportation and processing of raw materials, the processing technology is backward, which ultimately leads to the low quality of most products. Therefore, we should introduce key technologies such as separation and drying to improve the processing technology that has been used in China. At the same time, we will establish a certain size of Artemia egg processing enterprises in some areas with abundant brine shrimp resources, and collect Artemia eggs. Processing into one, industrial development, through the combination of production and research, to produce high-quality products to meet domestic demand.
(4) Standardize the market and strengthen testing. For many years, the price of Artemia eggs in Binzhou Ruitai Aquatic Products has fluctuated with fluctuations in US production and prices. It is not competitive and cannot withstand the blow. When the eggs of the large salt lakes in the United States are harvested, the price of the merchants will be difficult to maintain. When the production is reduced, the merchants will raise the prices at will, the price range is too large, and the market is chaotic, which not only seriously jeopardizes the interests of the farmers, but also It also affects the development of China's fisheries to a certain extent. In addition, the detection of Artemia eggs is not enough, the detection standards are not the same, resulting in the phenomenon of sub-charged eggs. In this regard, in order to protect the interests of farmers, we should keep abreast of the production and price trends of international Artemia eggs, guide the operators of Artemia, regulate the market and strengthen the detection of domestic and international Artemia eggs to promote the rationalization of the price of Artemia eggs. Standardization of quality.
(5) The United States, China and the former Soviet Union are the resource countries of the world Artemia eggs. According to the current natural environment, collection methods, processing technology and sales, the United States will also hold the world brine shrimp industry for a long time, and Left and right brine shrimp market. In the past two years, due to the impact of the El Niño phenomenon, the water level of the Great Salt Lake in the United States has risen and the salinity has declined. In response, some large-scale brine shrimp companies have shifted their raw material collection sites to countries such as Central Asia, and the competition is fierce. In order to ensure the healthy development of China's fisheries, It should also attract the attention of relevant parties in China.

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