Cui Honggang, Mayor of Binzhou City, Shandong Province, investigated the Wufa County Youfa Park

Release Time:

2022-06-30 15:11

On March 29, Cui Honggang, the mayor of Binzhou City, led the Municipal Development and Reform Bureau, the Finance Bureau, and the Ocean and Fisheries Bureau to accompany the county party secretary Ding Haijun to investigate the county's Youfa Modern Fisheries Demonstration Park.
During the investigation, the person in charge of the park gave a detailed report on the development planning and construction of the park. The city leaders showed great interest in the innovative work of the new varieties of sea cucumber, the processing of Artemia eggs, and the efficient breeding of shrimps. Many valuable opinions have been put forward on the efficient and harmonious development of the park. Mayor Cui Honggang fully affirmed the innovative practices of Yufa Park in breeding new varieties and new methods. He believed that as the focus of modern fishery development in the future, the park must work hard on facility-based fisheries and strive to make the industry bigger and stronger. .
As a pilot demonstration base for the reform and construction project of the county fishery technology promotion system, the Youfa Modern Fishery Demonstration Park has effectively played the role of the complex function of the base in the introduction of new varieties and new technologies, testing, demonstration and technical training. It has opened up a new path for marine aquaculture in Wudi County, and the demonstration belt has obvious effects. It has become the aquaculture unit with the most development potential and development vitality in our county.

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