The development of modern aquaculture and fishery in Binzhou is on the fast track

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2022-06-30 15:11

Since the beginning of this year, Binzhou City, Shandong Province has integrated high-quality fish projects, provincial marine economic innovation demonstration projects, marine public welfare projects and other supporting fishing projects with efficient ecological sea cucumber farming and factory farming as the breakthrough point, and increased the number of Ruitai green aquatic products. With the promotion of ecological aquaculture brands, 2 provincial-level modern aquaculture and fishery demonstration parks and 4 provincial-level professional fishermen's cooperatives were created during the year, and modern fishery has entered the fast lane of sound development.

The first is to promote the demonstration project for the construction of marine pastures, focusing on the construction of shallow sea shellfish breeding and conservation areas, supratidal pond breeding areas, inland healthy breeding areas and marine treasure factory breeding areas.

The second is to give full play to the role of aquaculture, to carry out the cultivation of fine varieties of marine fish and other marine treasures and the industrialized development of industrialized aquaculture, so as to promote the sustainable development of the marine aquaculture industry.

The third is to strengthen the construction of aquatic germplasm resources protection areas, and build China's hairy shrimp national-level germplasm resources protection areas and Artemia germplasm resources protection areas. Promote the National Geographical Indication certification of the characteristic aquatic products Artemia eggs and semi-smooth tongue sole.

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