Professors from the University of Maryland were invited to the company to carry out scientific research cooperation and exchanges

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2022-06-30 15:10

Since 2018, with the efforts and recommendation of Zou Ning, the deputy county magistrate of science and technology, we have cooperated with professors from the University of Maryland in the United States to conduct experimental research on Artemia breeding with unique industrial advantages in our county, which was listed in Shandong Province in 2018. "Double Hundred Foreign Professionals" program. In March 2019, the professor was invited to the company again to carry out experimental research on the production technology of high-density Artemia and Artemia eggs in outdoor ponds, in order to increase the annual output per mu of adults and eggs from the current 30 kg and 0.5 kg/mu of natural breeding to 60 kilograms, 1 kilogram or more, the net income per mu increase is more than 200 yuan.
The professor was formerly the project director of the Institute of Marine and Environmental Technology at the University of Maryland. He has long been committed to the field and laboratory research, development and large-scale production of microalgae, rotifers and Artemia, and has achieved fruitful scientific research results. In the field of Artemia and marine aquaculture around the world, it has always been in a leading position. The production technology of high-density Artemia and Artemia eggs in outdoor ponds developed by it has an annual output of up to 2,350 kg/mu, which has high industrial development value. At present, my country's Artemia egg resources only rely on the natural growth of salt fields or salt lakes, and no breeding production has been carried out. The lack of this technology has severely restricted the development of the Artemia industry. Therefore, the introduction of this technology and talents will greatly Promote the progress of Artemia industry.


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