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Shandong Youfa Aquatic Products Co., LTD

Shandong Youfa Aquatic Products Co., LTD is the predecessor of Shandong Youfa Technology Group, built in 1987, located in core area of efficient ecological economic zone in Yellow River Delta, Wudi county in Shandong blue economic zone and ringing Bohai economic circle hinterland. Based on natural endowment of Bohai sea beach, and advantage of age platform of the reform and opening-up policy to inherit courage and spirit of person in the region, in 2010, the company has developed as the saltern with 300000 tons of scale; production capacity of 3000 tons of bromide; 80000 acres of pollution-free aquaculture farms; 500 tons of brine shrimp finishing production line per year; 30000 mu of sea cucumber breeding base; 30000 cubic meters of wave sea cucumber seedling and seedling protection field; 3000 tons of large cold storage with cold storage capacity, that is, the food sea cucumber, sea cucumbers and brine shrimp powder capsule nutrition health food production line; unsaturated fatty acid capsule production line of brine shrimp and brine shrimp; 200000 tons of commodity concrete production line, and it can undertake 100000 square meters construction area of real estate development and real estate, covering 8 subsidiary companies: Shandong Youfa Aquatic Products Co., LTD, Wudi Huanhai Biological Feed Co., LTD, Shandong Wudi Youcheng Marine science and technology Co., LTD, Wudi Huayi Biological Technology Co., LTD, Shandong Wudi Fengyuan Saline Develop co., LTD., Binzhou north New District Youfa Concrete Co., LTD, Binzhou Beihai New District Huayi Real Estate Co., LTD, Shandong Wudi Huayi Real Estate Development Co., LTD Now, the Group has staffs of nearly 1000 people, with total assets of RMB 1.06 billion.